A full line of fire detection solutions that never compromise

Autocall technologically-advanced fire detection products are ideal for a wide range of customer and building needs. Autocall products not only provide superior protection, they are also designed to be easier to install, more reliable, and simpler to manage and maintain.

4006 Fire Alarm Control Unit

Ideal for smaller facilities requiring five to 10 initiating device circuits and four notification appliance circuits; includes a built-in DACT for easy connection to central station monitoring, a 2x20 character display, and multi-function keypad.

4007ES Fire Alarm Control Unit

Designed for small to mid-sized buildings (up to 250 points); supports networking with other Autocall fire alarm panels and graphical workstations; agency-listed for multi-hazard suppression release applications; computer port protocol support enables integration with other building systems; color touchscreen for easy, intuitive operation.

Addressable LED Notification Appliances

LED technology makes Autocall TrueAlert ES LED appliances smaller, more energy efficient, and less obtrusive than other appliances.

Addressable Notification Appliances

Autocall TrueAlert ES fully addressable notification products offer constant electronic supervision and revolutionary self-testing capability.

Beam Detectors

Autocall beam detectors provide open-area smoke detection in situations unsuited to traditional point-type detectors or aspirating smoke detection.

CO Sensor Base

A CO sensor base can work independently as a toxic gas detector or be combined with a photo or heat sensor.

Conventional Notification Appliances

Autocall's conventional notification devices are suitable for retrofits or fire detection in environments that are less complex.

Duct Detectors

Autocall duct detectors detect smoke in HVAC ducts, elevator shafts, electrical equipment rooms, hospital MRI rooms, and correctional facilities.

Heat Sensors

Heat sensors provide fire detection via rate-compensated, fixed temperature sensing with or without rate-of-rise temperature sensing.


Autocall IDNet addressable modules provide addressability to conventional devices such as flow switches.

Multi-Sensor Devices

Multi-sensor devices monitor several environmental factors at once, enabling them to detect fire with greater certainty and avoid false alarms.

Photoelectric Sensors

Photoelectric sensors provide fire detection while TrueAlarm technology supports greater sensitivity and reduces nuisance alarms.

Pull Stations and Call Points

Easy to spot and activate during an emergency, Autocall pull stations come in a variety of configurations so you can be sure to have the perfect solution for your facility.

Sounder bases

Designed to meet NFPA low-frequency signaling requirements, the Autocall sounder base is ideal for hotels, schools, and multi-occupancy residences.

Text Message Boards

The Autocall TrueAlert Text Messaging Appliance helps improve communications when used in conjunction with standard horns, strobes and speakers.

TrueStart Analysis and Testing Instrument

Accelerate the fire alarm commissioning process with the Autocall TrueStart analysis and testing instrument.